Evangeline & Vaughn Ross | Logan Hotel Philadelphia Wedding Film

Rescheduling, rebooking, replanning, re re re everything! All Covid couples know the struggle and Evangeline & Vaughn were no different. A wedding that was supposed to take place in Canada now scheduled to take place in our dear ol Philly at the Logan Hotel. One amazing thing about small weddings & elopements is how chill and laid back they tend to be. The pressure of having to coordinate with 101 vendors and guests – gone. All that time and energy is instead focused on what weddings are really about: the union of two souls coming together as one.

Evangeline & Vaughn’s special day embodied all of that and more. From start to finish everything was chill and low-key and we truly love to see it. The wedding guests consisted of immediate family for both sides gathered together in the courtyard of the Logan to watch the union of a relationship they had watched grow from the 1st date to this moment, get married.

The ceremony consisted of beautiful readings from the mothers of the bride and groom, lovely words of encouragement and wisdom from the officiant/bff, and of course the vows they wrote for each other. Promises to love and cherish, tales of the first date, and just how wholeheartedly they love one another.

Evangeline & Vaughn, I’m so grateful you chose me to be the videographer for your special day amidst all the planning and replanning you had to do to make sure this special day stayed special despite miss Rona’s best efforts.

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