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"She has a natural way of making you feel comfortable and at ease, which made capturing breathtaking photos of special, emotional, and intimate moments effortless."

Close those twenty-six open browser tabs, you've found your photographer. 

i'm a Hopeless romantic who grew up on early 2000s rom-coms. I either have a camera or coffee in hand, and might just switch my hair color on ya.

I believe in the type of images that make your heart skip a beat because you can’t believe someone caught that moment on camera and now you get to relish in that moment over and over. 

I started this business four years ago, after having been a freelance photographer & videographer for six years. God has given me the gift to not only see the beauty in everything He’s created but the ability to capture it as well.

I’ve always loved all things love and romance. Capturing weddings was the perfect way to combine my love of moving and still imagery with my love of romance. Getting to capture all the emotions that are present on wedding days makes my world go 'round.

A Philadelphia Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I'm Chrissy

I value connection and creativity and use both to deliver meaningful photographs that stand the test of time. I love my clients so much and I consider myself very blessed to meet and connect with so many wonderful couples, and tell so many different love stories. In short: I just love love. 

During football season you’ll find me in South Philly at Lincoln Financial Field snapping photos for the Philadelphia Eagles (#GoBirds). When I don’t have a camera in my hand you’ll find me, spending time with family and friends who are so near and dear to my heart, Jesus who keeps me going throughout life’s highs and lows, and jamming out to the JoBros (aka the Jonas Brothers or my older peeps).

I'm a Jersey gal who moved to Philly to get her fine arts degree in Photo + Film Media. I am dedicated to my craft and to serving my clients. 

Could honestly write a whole essay about my love for coffee, but I won't do that here. My day hasn't truly started until I've had the stuff. I usually have it multiple times throughout the day tbh. There's even a coffee corner in my kitchen. 

cup of joe


Those dance like no one is watching moments. I'm all for the weird and wonderful quirks that life brings when you aren't afraid to be yourself . 



My friends keep me going and keep me grounded. I love spending time in deep meaningful conversations that help strengthen the bonds of friendship. I also love sitting around doing nothing together or doing the most together. Basically I just really love my peeps



I strive to go above and beyond to capture more than you could've imagined -- moments and emotions you’ll now have frozen in time.

I value making you feel at-ease and comfortable so that I can best tell the story of your love. Get ready to fill your walls with images that make you smile for years to come.


Brooke + nate

Chrissy is so fun and easy going, which made our engagement shoot a blast. I knew should would do a fabulous job, but my husband and I were simply overwhelmed by her photos and video that captured our wedding day! I really appreciated how she was "invisible" as she captured our special day because it allowed us to truly enjoy the moment. I am so grateful for the photos I get to cherish and reminisce forever.”


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