Newly Engaged? 5 first steps for planning your wedding

First, take in this newly engaged feeling. This is a once-in-a-lifetime season (hopefully). Y’all just took a big step, so soak it all in! After all the immense feelings of being newly engaged settles down (but don’t disappear), you may start to feel out of your depth and overwhelmed. How do you even find a starting point to the mountain that wedding planning can become? But lucky for you, after talking with countless couples about all things wedding planning, I put some of the tips and tidbits that I’ve learned right here to help ya! So grab your coffee (or glass of wine if it’s after 5) and dive right in!

  1. Date

    I suggest having a couple of dates to start out, or narrowing it down to a part of a month. For instance, the beginning of June. Take into account how popular those dates might be for other couples getting married. The more popular the date, the more likely your favorite vendors will be booked. Also, the prices for different venues and vendors can change based on the season (higher during summer/fall, lower for winter/early spring) so that’s something else to keep in mind.

    • Budget

      This will really dictate and start to set the tone for all your wedding planning decisions. If any family members are contributing, ask them what they’re comfortable spending. Get that number in mind and then prioritize what you want for your day. For instance, which vendors are most important to you? Also, don’t be afraid to DIY a couple of things at the bottom of the list.
    • Venue

      The more popular your venue the quicker it will get booked up! You don’t want to dilly dally and have to change your date, but this is also where having two dates comes in handy in case your first date is already taken. Be sure to look into the different packages and restrictions from different venues. Ask around to ensure you’re getting a good deal.
    • Set the tone

      What is your overall vision for the day? Are you going formal? Causal? Themed? Color pallet? What overall feeling do you want this day to have? Take time and daydream, picture yourself walking down the aisle. What do you want surrounding you (besides family and friends of course)? Having this in mind helps inform the overall design decisions and keep things cohesive.

    • Get support

      Whether it’s a wedding planning service or some of your besties, get people in place to help you throughout this process. More hands make lighter work (but make sure they’re trusty hands). You’re not alone in this! Use the different strengths of your bridal party and family members, and don’t feel bad about asking, they most likely really want to help but are just waiting for you to ask! You can’t do everything yourself or you will go nuts! Delegate delegate delegate!

    There you have it! My 5 nuggets of advice to you my newly engaged friend! As always, take what applies, leave what doesn’t, and stay true to you!

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