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As a photographer who has been there for countless wedding days, my knowledge of how to make a wedding day more breezy keeps growing and growing. So if having a stress-free wedding day is one of your biggest worries, I gotchu friend. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and lets get down to it! Here are some stress free wedding day tips.

  • Day-of wedding coordinator: If you have a wedding planner then you are already golden! If hiring a wedding planner is not in your budget a lot of wedding planning businesses offer this as a stand-alone service. You could also use a close family friend who is super detail-oriented and attentive! This person would be helping with everything from keeping the wedding on time, gathering up the family for family photos, a point of contact for your vendors, and wedding party on the day of so everyone is not trying to contact you when you’re trying to relax and enjoy your day. Basically all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the wedding day go smoothly.

  • Print out schedules for guests/family: This helps eliminate people not knowing where to be and when, and saves you from having to repeat yourself. I’ve seen couples put this on the back of their wedding programs that guests get when they arrive. You can even put special notes for family members to tell them when family photos are happening 

  • A backup wedding plan: We aint God so we can’t control the weather, but the one thing we can do is plan and prep for different weather outcomes. Is there a tent available to be put up in case of rain? Is there an indoor option? Are your vendors prepared for both?

  • Create a timeline: If you book with me I will definitely help with this! A timeline that allows room for you to breathe and not feel rushed can chase away anxiety. This also helps vendors plan and prep for whats next in the day and not be caught by surprise. Your photographer is the main person you want to consult with on this because a lot of the day does relove around taking photos, so you want to make sure there’s adequate time for the things you want photographed. Also, its always better to over-estimate how long something will take then under-estimate.

  • Pack an emergency kit: I’m talking safety pins, tide pens, sewing kit, breath mints, even snacks! Think through your day and try to anticipate the little things you’ll think you’ll need. Even if it feels silly, bring it! You. Never. Know!

  • Unplugged ceremony (TOP TIP): The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle greeted by a bunch of cell phones and *ugh* ipads (we all have that relative that would). It not only creates a hassle for your wedding photographer & videographer, but it also takes people out of the moment and ruins your photos! You can place a sign at the entrance of your ceremony location, put it in the program, and also ask your officiant to announce it.

  • Schedule time alone with your new spouse: Y’all finally did it! You’re married!!! Take time right after the ceremony to just be present with your husband/wife, soak it all in, and take a breather. You just promised each other forever, now take a moment to let that sink in! You’ll have plenty of time to greet your guests during the reception

Last wedding day tip:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: Things will go wrong on your wedding day. That’s almost a guarantee. Planning ahead will definitely help, but we can’t control everything. Embrace the things that happen and make the most of it. Remember above all why you’re getting married in the first place. Use the love you have for your partner to ground you and help you enjoy your special day. 

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