Step into a wedding experience where comfort and confidence rule the day, where being in front of the camera feels as natural as saying "I do."

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I give you the type of images that make your heart skip a beat because you can’t believe someone caught that moment on camera. Your laughter, stolen glances, and the raw, unfiltered emotions – I am there to encapsulate it all. Together, we'll create a artful expression of your unique love story.

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I have a easy-going and confident personality that makes your experience in front of the camera truly enjoyable. I understand that being photographed can sometimes make you a lil nervous, but rest assured, I'm here to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process.

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I'm Chrissy

If you're looking for a wedding photographer and filmmaker who not only captures breathtaking images but also enhances your overall wedding experience, you've found your match. 

Kylee & matt

She has a natural way of making you feel comfortable and at ease, which made capturing breathtaking photos of special, emotional, and intimate moments effortless


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In a world where we all yearn to be truly seen, I go beyond the surface. I immerse myself in your story. I ask, I observe, and I connect, ensuring that your experience with me transcends the ordinary act of taking photos. What I aim for is not just a picture; it's the artful expression of  your unique love story. 

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I'm so glad you found me!

susan + jaafar

Chrissy, made the experience so easy! We knew when we got engaged that Chrissy would be our photographer. Our engagement pictures solidified that feeling and was really excited for the wedding pictures as well. She captured the joy, love, laughter and dancing in each frame. She is on time, patient and very professional. For sure one of the easiest decisions we made through the wedding planning.


I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. These are some of the main ways I help you feel comfortable & confident on your wedding day. 

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