Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)


If this is your first go at this whole wedding planning adventure, then, like most first-timers in anything, it’s very easy to make mistakes right in the thick of it. Whether that be things you think ‘won’t really matter much’ or things that you think would be okay to skip over. But don’t you worry, I’m here to not only tell you what those common mistakes are but also help you avoid them! Let’s grab a cup of joe and get right down to it!


  1. Not hiring a professional – Hire a professional DJ, Photographer, planner, band, etc. Don’t leave it to Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe or your friend Jimmy, your wedding day is too important not invest in wedding vendors, and let your family and friends just relax and drink and dance the night away.

  2. Not immediately setting a budget –  Before you even look at wedding venues, get that budget together!! This sets the tone for everything. Set it up and stick to it! It’s okay to re-allocate funds from one area to another when you realize one area is more expensive than another.

  3. Not having a rain plan (see blog post) – if you plan on having a wedding outside, also plan for rain. 

  4. Letting others dictate the guest list – this is your day, only the people YOU want surrounding you as you walk down the aisle should be there. If you get any push back, just remind them who’s wedding day it is 😉 

  5. Unexpected expenses – Forgot to factor in feeding your vendors? Alterations to your dress cost more than you originally thought? Venue have extra charges for cleaning? It’s always good to set aside about 10% of your budget for these hidden costs

Bonus Tip:

Skipping the videographer – One of the most common regrets is not having that motion picture element on your wedding day. Photos are amazing yes, but in some moments, you just need a video to truly capture the magic of the moment in ways photos just won’t do it justice. 

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