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It starts before the wedding day. Let’s break it down:

  • Wedding Guide – I’ll send you a 30+ page wedding guide chalked with so much information & tips that you’ll naturally feel more confident with all this knowledge. It has everything from vendor recs to tips on where to get ready.
  • Questionnaire – I send over a questionnaire right after booking that’s filled with questions to help me know you better. There’s a comfort that comes from being known & seen. I get you because I ask questions and take the time to know you.
  • Consult 1 month out – I’ll send you another questionnaire six weeks out. This one is about the details I need to make a timeline. Then, we’ll talk through all said details and timeline to make sure we’re in sync. There is such a deep-set reassurance that comes with knowing we’re on the same page. 
  • Communication – I’d rather over-communicate than under-communicate. (Prime example being the previous point). More communication just leads to better understanding & clarity. Whereas little communication leaves a lot of room for miscommunication and that’s no bueño. 

Philly Wedding Photographer

Philly Wedding Photographer - Bride and groom walking down isle

The Big Day!

  • Timeliness – I keep track of the time so you don’t have to. Your timeline even becomes my screensaver for the day so I can be on top of things. Additionally, I like to put in ‘buffer’ time in all my wedding day timelines to account for anything running a little behind schedule (which is almost inevitable). 
  • Conversation – I’m a silent presence when I need to fade into the background, but I also love talking with y’all, getting to know you even more, and just making sure you’re all good. When I say we might just be friends after this, I mean it. And it’s a lot more comfortable to have a friend taking your picture than a silent stranger. 
  • Professional hype-woman – This is not a self-proclamation. One of my couples said this to me at one point during her wedding day and it’s one of my favorite titles. There’s nothing like verbal reassurance that y’all are killing it in front of my camera to boost your confidence. You will hear a “omg I need y’all to stop being so cute”, “who is she?!”, “ahhhhhh”, a soft “aww”, and maybe even a sniffle because I’m holding back tears at your cuteness
  • Attention to detail – That hair on your face, or your ring slightly askew, or your tie needing to be fixed, phone needing to be taken out of your pockets, are just a few of the things I pay attention to. I often hear “Oh my goodness thank God you caught that!”. This results in you being assured that all of you look you’re very best because your photographer has the eyes of a hawk. And the few things I miss my second shooter Anh catches so you have two sets of hawk eyes looking out for you.

There we have it! These are the main ways this Philly Wedding Photographer helps you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Ready to have this experience for yourself? Say less! Slide into my inbox.

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I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk. These are some of the main ways I help you feel comfortable & confident on your wedding day. 

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