Should you hire a wedding videographer?

Let’s be real, the honest reason you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer usually boils down to two things: cost & importance. Well, really these two things go hand in hand. The more importance you place on something, the less you care about the cost. You’ll cut corners in other areas to make it work if you have to. However, if it’s not important to you the cost is the biggest factor.

It’s like deciding if you really want a milkshake with the burger and fries or are you going to save a couple extra dollars and inches around your waist? In this instance, either way, you go, it’s not that big of a deal. But the stakes are different if you’ve been craving that milkshake for days now. You care less about the cost because the importance has changed. If you don’t see the importance of a videographer, hopefully, this will change your mind.

There’s something about moving imagery that stills just can’t do. From seeing the smile form on someone’s face, hearing the laughter of your loved ones, seeing the emotions play out on your face in real-time as your spouse says their vows, to hearing said vows, these are things photographs simply cannot do. Let’s dive a little deeper.

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Let’s say your fiance isn’t known for talking a lot, but when they do speak, it’s very intentional. You both have decided to write your own vows, and you know whatever they’re going to say is going to bring forth all the emotions. Now photos will capture the emotions on your face, but a video will not only capture the emotions on your face but also the words that are bringing forth emotions. You can add so many layers to a video that you can’t do with photographs. 

Whether you’re having a first look or not, that moment when your groom sees you for the first time and his face just falls apart… yeah you’re going to want that on video. Seeing his hand come up to wipe the tears from his eyes hits differently when it’s a moving image vs. a still. 

Also, let’s not forget about speeches! You never know what’s going to come out of your maid of honor or best man’s mouth when given the mic. It may be really sentimental and beautiful, or rather embarrassing but really hilarious! You choose these people because of how important they are to you. So their words are important to you as well. Make sure you have the audio and visuals of it captured so you can hold onto it forever.

In short, a wedding film tells your love story in such a unique way that your wedding gallery cannot. That layer of audio taps into another one of your senses. It makes you relive your wedding day in such a different way. Now, I completely understand budgets and trying to stretch those dollars. However, let me leave you with this food for thought: your money will come back, but these memories won’t

(P.S. You’re money actually goes farther when you hire me for both) 

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