Fairmount Water Works | Natalie & Steven

I’ve wanted to photograph a session at Fairmount Water Works for ages so I’m glad I got the chance to do it with Natalie & Steven. We made full use of the Fairmount Water Works gazebo that gives you views of the Schuylkill River and Boathouse Row. We also wandered around the Fairmount Water Works Trail & Boardwalk where there were hints of some nice warm fall foliage.

This Fairmount Water Works couples session was one for the books! It was so much fun getting to photograph these two and their love. I love how much fun they have together. There’s something about couples who aren’t afraid to get a lil silly and have a dang good time. They took every prompt in their stride and made it their own. I love seeing the different ways couples interpret my prompts and infuse them with their personalities, which is exactly what the prompts are meant to do.

Since Natalie & Steven have been married for just over a year now I thought I’d ask them if they had any marriage advice for newlyweds, and y’all… the wisdom they dropped HIT! Here’s what they said:

  1. Out-serve each other. Marriage isn’t about “make me happy” but rather how can I serve and love this person that I have married in the best way possible way.
  2. Once a month special date night. Rotate who is in charge! Make it fun, intentional and memorable.
  3. For us, Jesus is at the center of our relationship. Our relationship with God comes first and is the foundation of our marriage. With that, we choose to pray together, have devotional time together and encourage each other spiritually.
  4. Over-communication is good communication. Practically speaking; share calendars, label things, have planning meetings to have forethought and assume nothing.
  5. Community. Surround yourselves with couples who you admire. Especially ones that are ahead of you both and have strong marriages that you can learn from!

Fairmount Water Works

What do you think? It hit right?! I’m not even in a relationship but I am definitely saving these words of wisdom for when the time comes.

I cannot wait to do another session here or a Fairmount Water Works wedding! Slide into my inbox if you loved this session and want a gallery full of candid & romantic photos for yourself!


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