What to bring to your engagement session

The date is set, the session booked, now the all important question rings in your head: what do I bring to my engagement session? You’ve never done this before to even have any clue of what you’ll need. However, while this is your first engagement session, it isn’t mine, so I put together this guide to cover the basics. Each session and photographer is different, but here are some engagement session tips that I’ve found work across the board.

Hair and makeup kits

A little pouch or bag with lipstick or lipgloss and foundation for basic makeup touch ups, especially with a the kissing that will probably be going on, you’re going to want to reapply. For your hair things like hair ties, clips, and brushes will come in clutch to wrangle in that stray hair that won’t settle down.


Water & Snacks

Hydrate! Especially if it’s a warm summer day, I guarantee you will be needing water. Also, as the Snickers commercial says: you’re not you when you’re hungry. So make sure to eat something light beforehand and bring snacks just incase. These sessions can require a lot of movement so you’’ll want to have your energy up and your thirst quenched.



Extra change of clothes

You will usually have the option of having an outfit change or not, but either way, make sure to bring a change of clothes separate from what you plan to wear just in cause anything happens to the outfits you do plan to wear. Also, it’s always a good idea to bring a comfy pair of shoes, especially my ladies who plan to wear heels!



If there is even the slightest chance of rain…bring that umbrella! The weather often times has a way of surprising you. A low chance is still a chance! But you can still run with it and make it fun., In order to do that you will need to have that umbrella in your car. Towards the end of your session, if you’re feeling adventurous and unafraid of getting a little wet, you can take a couple shots without the umbrella! Channel your inner Noah and Allie on the dock [The Notebook] selves and have fun with it!


Last thing to remember: HAVE FUN!! This is all about you two and the love that got you this far and is sure to last a lifetime.



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