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Outdoor weddings can be absolutely gorgeous and draw-dropping with the unlimited potential for picturesque scenery surrounding you as you say “I do”. Outdoor weddings can also cause a lot of headaches because of how unpredictable the weather is, even though we can pretty much predict it now, the meteorologists aren’t always on point. We’ve all been there for days when the Weather Channel said clear skies, but you look out and see clouds upon clouds. This adds even more stress to the already stressful wedding planning. That’s why I wanted to give you a few tips for an outdoor wedding to help you navigate all the ins and outs.

  • Always have a backup plan – No matter what the forecast says, always have a plan-b. We’ve all seen how the forecast can call for one thing but another happens. Weather can change on a dime. Check with your venue for indoor options if necessary and it wouldn’t hurt to reserve a tent.

  • Useful favors – A small battery-powered fan and readily available bug repellant, these little things go a long way in making your guests feel cared for. Provide cold drinks has they arrive. You can even turn the wedding program into a fan. 

  • Plan for wind – This is the invisible factor. Make sure to tell your hairstylist your having a outdoor wedding so they can do your hair accordingly, men, also make sure to style your hair accordingly (ie: hair sprays, hair gels, etc). Make sure small items are secured down somehow or weigh enough that a small gust of wind can’t blow them away.

  • Food – Make sure your caterer knows your having an outdoor wedding so they can plan an outdoor menu with things that will keep well in the heat. Also consider small finger food and lighter drinks like lemonade and teas for cocktail hour. Ice cream is also always a hit in the summer.

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