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Engagement photos, they’re one of the first mile-stones in your wedding planning adventures. If you chose the right photographer it should be a fun, low-key and low-stress photo session. But the question remains of if you should have one. I will always say yes and let me dive into why!

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It gives you time to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera. Wedding day portraits always turn out better when you’ve had an engagement session because it won’t be your first time having photos taken together. ⁠You’ll be a lot more relaxed and able to be yourselves because now you have experience!

Engagement photos help establish one of the most important vendor relationships – you and your photographer. It gives you a chance before your wedding day to work with your photographer and start to build that trust and relationship that is now based on experience and not just what you’ve heard and seen. So when the wedding day arrives you have a lot more confidence not only with being in front of the camera but in your photographer as well. You know they know how to capture your love because you’ve had first-hand experience.

Asbury park beach engagement photos

You’ll have more photos to use for wedding things! A lot of people use their engagement photos for save-the-dates or invitations. You can also use them on your wedding website, print them out and have them in special places on your wedding day, use them in your wedding favors, if you have a guest book for people to sign you can also put them on the cover! So so many ways to use these!

This is such a special season in your life. You’re transitioning from dating to a life-long commitment. Engagement photos is a key way to document your love during this time. You can look back on these photos for years to come and remember how you felt during this period of your relationship.

I’ve never heard anyone say they regret having an engagement session, but I have heard couples say they do regret not having one. This is the one time in your life you’re going to be engaged (hopefully), so live it up! Do all the things! And make sure you make one of those things engagement photos 😉


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