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This monumental moment deserves moving imagery

We want your wedding day film to feel like your wedding day film. That’s why each wedding video is different. The day goes by so fast, so why not have something that helps you relive the day beyond a single frame. Something that brings in the sounds of your vows and the motions of all the emotions that came along with the day. Your own little movie where you get to be the star, your love story, front and center, being told with delicacy and care. 

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evangeline & vaughn

Chrissy was an INCREDIBLE wedding videographer and was able to tailor her packaging to exactly meet our needs. Hiring Chrissy as our videographer was one of the best decisions we made. Her easy-going nature made me feel way more relaxed on the day of our wedding and her ability to work with the photographer led to excellent shots and film. She has a keen eye for lighting, sound, and angles- I highly recommend her work if you want to feel stress free and feel like a model the day of your wedding!


A wedding that was supposed to take place in Canada now scheduled to take place in our dear ol Philadelphia at the Logan Hotel (thanks covid). One amazing thing about small weddings & elopements is how chill and laid back they tend to be. Evangeline & Vaughn’s special day embodied all of that and more. From start to finish everything was chill and low-key and we truly love to see it. 

Evangeline & Vaughn

A beautiful wedding day at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia with the most breathtaking views of the city. Sam and Darrell are two of the most laid back people but also still know how to party! Their vows are sure to tug at your heart strings and Sam’s smile is so infectious you’ll find yourself smiling along with her without even realizing it. 

sam & darrell

wedding films

What a magical day filled with so many smiles and the best kind of tears (seriously it's my favorite thing to see the groom's face fall apart when he sees his bride for the first time). Their joy was infectious, and their love for each other is so prominent and profound it'll melt even the coldest of hearts. It was an honor to be apart.

A small intimate brunch wedding in South Jersey. Their love for each other and excitement to finally be getting married was infectious. I love how after the ceremony they ceased calling each other by their actual names but instead referring to each other solely as husband or wife. We love to hear it!! 

jenny-lee & Shaun

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kira & Trevon

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